What Ray Can do for You

Sure, you can have all the whistles and bells. Any decent web developer can provide a web site just the way you want it. But how many of them take the time to understand you and your needs?

You can have the slickest and most impressive website on the Internet but if it doesn't provide what your visitors are looking for, it isn't worth the digital paper it's written on. When you work with me the focus is not initially what type of web site do you want. Instead we will focus on what you want your web site to do for you. Working together, we'll get to the right web site for you not just the best looking site.

More about Ray

I'm a self confessed techie geek! I've been fascinated with technology for as long as I can remember. Yes I have been that techie geek who stays up till all hours figuring out some programming problem or making a spreadsheet do amazing things. And yes I know the usual stereotype for such people is either a spotty teenager with no social life or a lonely guy with straggly hair, beard and sandals. But they are just stereotypes right? :) The fact is us geeks are just ordinary guys (well, most of us anyway). We just have this drive to understand things. It's a passion that won't let go until we've figured it out.

Even before I left school I was trying to figure out how things worked. So when I finally did leave school it was natural for me to start a career as an electronics engineer. During my training at that time I realised I had a particular talent for understanding digital electronics; more than the traditional analogue variety.

My talent for working with digital electronics led me into the world of computers since everything computerised is digital. My career has taken many twists and turns but I've never lost the passion for understanding and using technology. I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually find my way into the corporate IT world. Now you might think with my background that would be my ideal job. But to be honest, I found that the work I was involved in was more about office politics than making the tech work for people. And office politics is definitely not my thing!

So you might be asking what is my thing? Well, what I get a kick out of is using the technical knowledge I've gained (and still gaining) to help businesses and clients achieve their goals in a positive way rather than a negative or haphazard way. And that's what tech should really be... a positive influence in people&aposs lives. So if you want to talk to me about what I can do for you, there's no obligation. Contact me to set something up.

In the meantime, all the best